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Rules for PACERs

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

  1. Students should be in school by 9.00 am in neat and tidy school uniform.

  2. Student shall not damage any school property or things that belong to other students

  3. In case of gross misconduct, the school has the right to take appropriate disciplinary action against the student concerned

  4. On birthdays, children are permitted to bring sweets/toffee’s only. No gifts are to be brought. No child is permitted to go to any party from school.

  5. Any quarrel/fight, dispute should be reported to the concerned authority of the school at the earliest.

  6. No child will be permitted to leave the school premises before the stipulated timings.

  7. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles to school. Mobile phones, expensive watches, costly fountain pens, jewellery and fancy pencil boxes are not permitted. The school is not responsible for the goods lost.

  8. The name, class and section of the student should be clearly marked on all the belongings of the students. Water bottles, blazers/cardigans must have name tags on them.

  9. Students shall not be eligible for promotion unless she has at least 75% attendance during the academic sessions.

  10. Students are not permitted to enter the staff room.

  11. All lights and fans are to be switched off in classrooms when not in use during the day

  12. No paper or litter is to be left lying in the campus.

  13. The washrooms are to be properly used and kept clean for the next user.

  14. Students are expected to take good care of the school compound and school property. Any loss or damage due to carelessness of the students will result in fines.

  15. Students must maintain silence when walking in lines for Assembly, and other classes.

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