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In today’s day and age education and technology has changed the way we live; the way young minds learn and the job opportunities available. Our leaders of tomorrow are the learners of today. Born in the digital world, the ‘always connected’, ‘tech-savvy’ youngsters think differently and have developed new attitudes and approaches. The learners of today are distinct from previous generations; despite having less attention span, we know they are ambitious, confident and inquisitive.

We are the best primary school in Ballia

​We as a part of this generation are of course extremely thankful to the current pool of teachers and guides who mentored us till here. Following our traditional methods and constant innovation while doing so was the basic ingredient of yesteryear’s education.

The part of current status that motivates us to do more in the field is the still available opportunity we see in young minds and the cope of changes we see coming for our kids. The current system, however, fails to recognize each child as a separate individual and that learning needs may be different for each one of them.

We at PACE collectively strive towards an education which successfully engages the learner of this generation. Unlike yesterday where schools fed information and data to students, we know that both information and data is available through zillion sources. The key to good education at PACE is “Where to get the data from” and “How to use data”.

It is also well known to one and all that based on the various academic research and practical implications, the responsible authority of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has advocated a BOOKLESS Education system for all it’s schools for student’s up to Class 2. We bring to you, the first school in town that aims to implement this policy in its true spirit.

The greatest opportunity facing our country is that of sustaining and flourishing the society in the context of a fast-paced changing world. The days are gone when basic education coupled with hard work was enough.

Our adequate preparation as a society for a fruitful future depends on increasing, the skill and knowledge levels of every young person, which in turn depends on a lifetime access to high quality developmentally appropriate and equitable learning opportunities.

            To encourage this transformation, we are investing in our centre-based learning process by introducing the below centre’s

  1. Art & Creativity

  2. Literacy & Reading

  3. Maths & Logic

  4. Nature & Science

  5. Rhymes & Stories

Best school from Nursery to class 5 in Ballia after COVID-19 Pandemic

We a PACE are committed towards holistic education. We firmly believe and know each child has demonstrable talents and each talent must be nurtured carefully to give our students and edge over the competition which is to come with ever globalizing economy.

We had always felt that parents/guardians had the need of modern education and thy must currently move out of town to better cities in search of modern and competitive education. The search however comes to a stop as PACE – is here now with a group of learned and committed staff, who are motivated to deliver their best to your child. Enroll your child with best educational institute in your town and let’s work together for a glorious future ahead.

Activity Based Learning

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