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Event- Interschool Story Telling and Recitation Competition

Story Telling and Recitation Competition
Inter School Competition

On Saturday 23rd April 2022, PACE organized an inter-school Story Telling and Recitation competition.

The details of the event are given below

Event Date - Saturday - 23- April 2022

Event Name - Inter School Story Telling and Recitation Competition

Participating Schools - Pristine Academy & Gyan Kunj Academy

Classes - FS1 till PS3 (Nursery to Class 5)

Participants - 5 per class per school - Total 8 Classes = 40 Participants per school

Prizes - 1st,2nd and 3rd per class

Judgment Criteria - Diction, Articulation, Body Language, Modulation and Pace and Judge's Discretion.

List of winners is given below - Click on class name for list of winners

Class FS1 / Nursery Winners

I. Hizab Fatima (PACE)

II. Aradhya Gond (PACE)

III. Anushka Yadav (GKA) and Aatika Shahid (PACE)

Class FS2/L.K.G Winners

Class FS3/U.K.G Winners

Class FS4 / Class 1 Winners

Class FS5 / Class 2 Winners

Class PS1 / Class 3 Winners

Class PS2 / Class 4 Winners

Class PS3 / Class 5 Winners

Few glimpses of the award ceremony:

The fun and enjoyment

It was a good learning experience for students of both the schools. The level of interaction was very good. Such events are to provide exposure to students while carefully developing their language, diction, articulation, body language and communication skills.

Thank you for reading.

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