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Event - Interschool Speech Competition

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

On Friday 12th August 2022, Gyan Kunj Academy, Banshi Bazar, Ballia organized an inter-school Story Telling and Recitation competition.

This is the second Inter-School Competition of Session 2022-23.

The details of the event are given below

Event Date - Friday - 12/8/22

Event Name - Inter School Speech Competition

Topic - Importance of Independance

Participating Schools - Pristine Academy & Gyan Kunj Academy

Classes - FS1 to PS3 (Nursery to Class 5)

Participants from PACE = 20

Foundation Stage

FS4 - Adarsh, Vartika, Shreya, Devashish, Akshita

FS5 - Adhrit, Ananya, Aashu2, Ashwani,

Preparatory Stage

PS1 - Shreya, Ashish, Anshika, Ayush

PS2 - Jyoti Prakash, Priti, Dipanshu

PS3 - Anushka, Shaurya, Anshik, Prabhat

Prizes tally for PACE = 3

Foundation Stage - Vartika (FS4), Adhrit (FS5)

Preparatory Stage - Dipanshu (PS2)

Judgment Criteria - Content, Delivery and Dress Code

All Winner Names - PACE & GKA

1st Prize

Adhrit Pandey (FS5) - PACE

Manya Gupta (5 - B) - GKA

Pratiksha Pandey (5 - E) - GKA

2nd Prize

Arth (1 - C) - GKA

Aman Verma (4 - B) - GKA

Dipanshu Yadav (PS2) - PACE

3rd Prize

Anuradha Yadav (2 - A) - GKA

Vartika Yadav (FS4)

Anshika Patel (5 - B)

It was a very important event for development and exposure of students.





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