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77th Independence Day Celebration at PACE

Pristine Academy and Centre for Excellence celebrated the 76th anniversary of India's Independence, today on 15-8-2023.

All the students enjoyed the day with lot of passion, patriotism and enthusiasm.

Event Date - Tuesday - 15 Aug 2023

Event Name - 77th Independence Day - 2023

Few snapshots -

Details - Various programs by all the classes -

(a) Dances on theme of national integrity - Nanha Munna (Hindi), We shall Overcome (English), Rise India Rise (English), San Satavan (Bhojpuri), Tiranga Meri Jan (Hindi), India Mash Up Song (Hindi), Tiranga Lahar Lahar (Bhojpuri), Saugandh mujhe (Hindi)

(b) Skit on preservation of trees - In Hindi

(c) Nukkad Natak - on Swachch Bharat - Hindi and English

(d) Drama - On Thapp Roti Thapp Dal - Hindi

(e) Songs on - Prayer Song (Sanskrit), Mera Bharat, Hind Desh ke Nivasi, Light a candle (Hindi).

(f) Song by teachers - Working together (English)

(g) Speeches - In English and Hindi.


  1. Include many languages - English, Hindi, Bhojpuri & Sanskrit

  2. Include different format of programs - Dances, Skits, Dramas, Songs, Speeches

  3. Develop the sense of teamwork and unity in students by 10-day long workshop where students and teachers from different classes worked together, at least 1 hour daily to put the entire event together.

Classes - Students of all classes participated and everyone received prizes for participation, the pictures given above.

Details of events - Each Class Teacher will udpate the participant list on their Class Notice board, please check it - NOTICE BOARD | PRISTINE ACADEMY

Picture and Videos - will be updated on School YT Channel and shared with you on portal by the end of this week.

Jai Hind.

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